Joe Barbella

  • Giving Heart music 4:17
  • August Night4:36
  • Primal Voice2:39
  • Below the Horizon mp35:16
  • Pianoforte mp3 (Waiting on the Sun)4:39
  • Spring4:48
  • Rusty Bloom3:02
  • Guitar Andante 2:15

Original  Recordings

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  • Peacebird3:28
  • Burn 4:22
  • Afterall 4:16
  • On Earth 4:12
  • If You Were Mine3:35
  • Feel 3:17
  • Hidden Door 3:22
  • Giving Heart 4:11
  • Don't Talk About It 3:13
  • No need 3:23
  • So Near4:00
  • I Will Listen 3:30
  • Easy3:01
  • Inside 5:01
  • Timeless3:02
  • NYC 4:20
  • Shadow 3:46
  • So Near4:00
  • A Way (Abridged) 2:39
  • Believe mp34:22

All songs are written, performed, recorded, produced and copyrighted by Joe Barbella

​Vocals, guitars, strings, bass, percussion and keyboards by Joe Barbella. Piano, strings, bass and percussion by John Shirley on songs: Hidden Door, I Am Here, Mine and piano on Feel (from the CD "Settling On Tranquility"). Piano by John McNeill on the song The Burn (from the CD "Settling on Tranquility"). Piano, strings and percussion by Carter Burnette on Fall Of Love (from the CD "Leftovers").

All CD's available upon request